Monday, July 4, 2016

The Site is ready. Now what?

The last couple of weeks the building site has been pretty quiet. Is anything happening?

A few trailers and storage bins have been set in place and utilities have been extended to the site beyond that most of the work is behind the scenes.

The architectural firm BCDM is busy completing shop drawings and Meco-Henne the general contractor is ordering materials. A construction fence will be put up in the near future and then construction will begin in earnest.

Construction will first commence in the northeast corner and work outward from there.  The reason for that location is that the study hall and one classroom located in this quarter will have special reinforcement features as a storm shelter built to withstand a force 3 tornado.  As footing sections are completed masonry crews will begin laying block. another early work will be the elevator pit. Footings for the building should be completed around mid-October with block work continuing on through November.  Temporary enclosures will be created in December to allow brick work to continue through the winter.  Drywall will start sometime after spring break and the summer and fall will be devoted to the interior.

Everything is on schedule for opening for the 2nd semester of the the 2017-2018 school year as planned.