Monday, July 25, 2016

Building Progress: In the Ground

The nice smooth building site is transforming into a lumpy mess.  Such is what makes progress!
Green, gray, and black conduit, water, and Sewer lines are now scattered around the building site.

Changes are not particularly visible to the naked eye but anyone who has checked the live videocam regularly have seen steady work.   Most of the progress is "in the ground".  Slowly but surely conduit, water and sewer lines are being laid.  Footings continue to be dug and the first cement blocks are on sight for the construction of the elevator shaft.  More Photos
A ladder pokes up from the bottom of the elevator shaft.
Cement Block and Mortar for the Elevator Shaft

Outside of the fenced construction site a line is being run from the school site that will carry rainwater from the roof to the retention pond below the school near Mount Michael Road.  More Photos

Rainwater Retention Pond