Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Exterior Nears Completion

The David "DJ" Sokol Learning for Life Building has come along ways this summer.

The most obvious point of focus being worked on right now are the five arches etched with our five Benedictine Values of Community, Hospitality, Moderation, Integrity, and Service. Windows are another current undertaking.  Most of the windows are installed in the 2 story section of the building and are now being installed on in the rest of the building.  The two store windows for the commons will have to wait a bit as they are still using machinery indoors to install the geothermal heating and cooling units and the center stairwell.

Kevin Moline & Eric Roumph
The bottom floor of the two story section is nearing completion of construction with dry wall, electrical and plumbing all in place.  Soon it will be ready for cleaning up and paint. The one story section is now the focus of most of the interior work.

Of special note is the construction of the walkway with the Benedictine Cross.  The bricks are being installed by alums Kevin Moline '99 and Eric Roumph '99. The company Kevin Moline works for was contacted to do the brick work. Kevin talked to MECO and told them he would do it free on his own time as a donation to the project.   He brought his classmate Eric Roumph along to help out.   They were both classmates and close friends of DJ Sokol.

Interior Photos
Thank you to Sam Lathrop
for 2 panorama views

The walk way between the chapel and the new building features the Benedictine Cross

Interior 360 view. Click on the image to go to Facebook.

Great progress inside the David "DJ" Sokol Learning for Life Building! Thanks to Dean of Students Dave Cormier for taking this photo!
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