Thursday, September 7, 2017

Construction Photos: Black-Out

Walkway with the Mount's Iconic Red & Black Cross
This blog entry features the last images (blackout) of the interior until the Grand Opening on January 15, 2018. Put that date on your calendar!  Details will follow as the date nears.

Funds and pledges are in place for completing the first floor.  Fundraising efforts are now focusing on raising money to keep work going on the 2nd floor.  If enough money can be raised in a timely fashion work on the 2nd floor will continue without pause and would be ready for the next school year.

The walkway between the the Benedictine Values Archway to the new building and the chapel has been completed. It features our iconic Mount Michael Cross in red and black concrete and brick.

From the second floor deck of the new building, the view of the Romanesque archway of the Mount's legacy building is spectacular. One of the surprises is that the new building's location provides a view that elicits an even greater appreciation for the beauty of Mount Michael's classic building.

The Theology classrooms on the 1st floor are currently getting their first coats of paint and ceiling grids are being hung. The hallway features red bump-outs at the classroom entries.

The storm shields have be hung above the windows in the reinforced study hall and classroom.

The Commons now features a huge tiled wall that gives it the look of marble.  Interior framing for the glass walls for the library, computer and drafting labs have been set in place.

When it is complete it is going to be awesome!  Save the date Monday January 15, 2018 and join us for the Grand Opening.

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