Friday, December 16, 2016

Mid November thru Mid December Time Lapse

The second floor has been poured and the framing of the 2nd floor exterior wall is progressing. Steel for the south wing is on site.  Construction is running behind about one month so the hope is the building will be totally enclosed by the end of January.

Tomorrows low is predicting to be -10 degrees.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2nd Floor and What's Next

Additional Photos

The 2nd Floor was poured on Friday December 2nd.  Above you can see workers prepping the floor in November

What is that?   This past summer it was discovered that the well contained in the small brick building (far right) was collapsing and no longer repairable. It has lasted 60 years and been relined many times as is normal. But it is no longer feasible to fix it so a new well is being drilled and the well house will be renovated and updated.  It will be up-to-date and meet all the latest code requirements.   Estimated Cost is around $200,000.  The 2nd larger well house was recently modernized and is in great condition. Our two well system will provide plenty of water security for the future. 

Now that the 2nd floor is poured siding has begun for the two story section of the building.  The area that has only plastic sheeting is an interior wall where the one story south wing is soon to be attached.  They are working on more footings for that section at this time.  Additionally lots of steal has been delivered the last few days.  The goal currently stands to have the building completely enclosed sometime in January. 

Plumbing in the ground for the 2 story wing is almost ready for inspection and then electrical work in the ground will begin.

The south wing soon to be started will be impressive in that it actually has a larger foot print than what has been built up to this time.