Monday, June 5, 2017

A First Look Inside

From the outside it is hard to tell what progress is being made in the interior so here is a peek at the work that is being done.  All Photos

To help you understand what you are seeing here is a photo map numbers refer to the links below.

You can click on this image for a larger view

There are additional photos but these will give you a basic orientation.

1) Wide open interior of the one story portion of the building. This photo is looking down the science wing hallway. It includes 3 science rooms on the left, the library on the near right, middle right computer labs and distant right 3 math rooms.

2) Commons South entrance just outside the library:  Looking through the library and computer labs you can see the science room windows in the distance. Note the exterior doors of the science wing hallway at the extreme left and extreme right.
Moving farther into the Commons you turn around look north and see the 2 story section  At the top you see 2nd floor interior classroom windows that open to the Commons. Below is a solid wall behind which will be the mechanical room (pumps, heating cooling etc.)

3) You are standing at the intersection of the commons, computer labs and math hallway and the front entrance. Looking south down the math and Labs hallway. Note the light coming in from the 1/2 story windows above. Looking west through the main entrance toward the chapel  You turn around and look into the reception office which also serves as the entrance to the administrative offices.

4) Looking west down the the administration hallway from reception: Admissions, Head of School, Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students, Conference room and Counseling Center.

5) The Counseling Center.  Features 2 offices and a student work area. It has entrances from both the administration hallway and the classroom hallway.  It is adjacent to the conference room within the administration area. Work Area - From the Work area: Counselor 1 entrance  -  Counselor 2 entrance

6) - Looking south through the Counseling work room from the classroom hallway to the Administration area and conference room.  You now turn around and see the Northwest stairwell looking north.

7) Looking east down the classroom hallway. On your right is the back of the administration area, then the hallway from the commons, followed by restrooms, and mechanical room.  On your left are 2 theology classrooms, a large study hall and a third theology classroom.

8) Theology Classroom.  Note that this classroom has cinder-block walls. This classroom along with the large study hall serve as the tornado shelter.  that is the reason for the cinder-block walls.

9) Study Hall:  It is twice the size of classrooms.  It has 6 windows rather than 3.

10) Northeast Stairwell.  Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Looking out the stairwell window. - Exterior

11) Mechanical room Looking South. You can see the science windows in the distant backgrouond.


Currently wide open. Completion will not be started until remaining funds needed are raised.

Looking Northwest - Looking through interior classrooms windows which over look the Commons.  - Elevator shaft - Landing for interior stairwell from the Commons.  View from the Deck above the Counseling Center.


12) Front of the building: Math rooms - The Main Entrance

13) Science Wing Entrance looking east down the science hallway

14) You walk in to the intersection of the math and science hallways and look north toward the reception office.

15) Southwest Exterior: Science rooms

16 Northeast Exterior:  The study hall projects out a bit.